Benefits of reading to children

Benefits of reading to children

Children are influenced from day one and as a result start building their language and behavioural skills based on what they are exposed to. 

A study in 2019 showed that when you take away screens from children and instead, read to children aged 5 and younger, it boosts brain development. It showed that reading helps develop language, understanding and ultimately increase the bond between you and the child. 

Now more than ever, we have children who are exposed to more screens and it can be a challenge to break them away from that. Cuddling up with a storybook at bedtime or a set time in the day will provide routine and stability, which is essential for children, as they learn the best through gentle repetition. This is where reading becomes a nurturing activity between the parent and child, instead of a task or chore. Ultimately, story time will bring the two of you closer together!

Let’s take a look at some more benefits:

  1. It can calm your child, especially when they are scared and restless
  2. When you read to your child you are creating a bond and this gives them a sense of intimacy and well-being.
  3. The intimacy of reading to your child is such a pleasurable experience to them and this will influence them to have a positive attitude towards reading as they grow up.
  4. Reading promotes increased communication between you and your child.
  5. When your child reaches a new stage in their growth, or experiences new and unfamiliar situations, reading to your child about a story relevant to their new experience can relieve their anxiety and help them cope. For example, if your child is stressed about their first day in school, or about moving to a new location, you can read a book to them that shows that these should not be painful experiences.
  6. Your baby learns early with the basics of reading a book:
    words represent sounds and concepts,
    words are read from left to write,
    stories continue when you turn the page
  7. Reading promotes a longer attention span, which is an important skill for your child to be able to concentrate as they grow.
  8. It builds skills such as listening and communicating and also grows their imagination.
  9. Books teach your child thinking skills early. When you read to your child, they learn to understand the cause and effect, they learn to exercise logic, as well as think in abstract terms. Children learn the consequences of actions, and the basics of what is right and wrong.
  10. Books teach your child about relationships, situations, personalities, and what is good and what is bad in the world they live in. Fantasy books provide material for their imagination and free play. Fairy tales fascinate children, and help them distinguish between reality and fiction.
  11. And finally, your child learns early that reading is fun and not a chore - Reading to your child influences them to be a lifetime reader!

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